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Selected Stories by Robert Moulthrop


  Mrs. Mellors
  Friends In Need

  Uncle Louis
  Elvis’s Dog, the One Named Moonbeam
  Olden Days

About the Author  

About Robert Moulthrop

Robert Moulthrop, author and playwright, lives and works in New York City, where he is a member of Paragraph. A New Jersey State Council on the Arts grant recipient, his stories have lately appeared in Berkeley Fiction Review, Confrontation, Eclipse, Portland Review, Rio Grande Review, River Oak Review, Sou’Wester, The MacGuffin and Willard & Maple. His play “Half Life” (about a pedophile returning to his community) won the ‘05 New York Fringe award for outstanding playwriting; “T.L.C.” (about a mother fixated on her son) won the NY Fringe ‘06 outstanding performance award for its actress; called “Lecture, With Cello” (’08 Fringe) “a remarkable feast for the intellect.” As The Buddha says: “Your work is to discover your work, and then, with all your heart, to give yourself to it.”

Some of the stories in Grace were previously published in the following journals:

  • Furniture, The MacGuffin, Fall 2006
  • Grace, Willard & Maple, XIV
  • Mrs. Mellors, San Jose Studies, Spring 1990
  • Uncle Louis, San Jose Studies, Spring 1988 (revised March 2011)


Robert Moulthrop (photo)