The Wayward Orchard by Paul Sohar (apple tree with barren hills in background)
  About the Author  | Wordrunner e-chapbooks | June 2011  

  Paul Sohar's language is fresh and surprising, but never jarring, as if we were hearing these words for the first time. You may find yourself reading the poems aloud.  
Download a pdf of the entire chapbook HERE.



   • Sunfish Pond
 • Requiem for a Refugee Camp
 • Summer Past
 • The Geese Were Gone
 • The Wayward Orchard
 • Mount Katahdin
 • A Tour Without Virgil
 • The Ravished
     • Ideal
 • Daniel
 • My Dream House
 • The God of Spring
 • The (Last) Party
 • The Secret
 • The Other
 • This Wall
     • Summerfest
 • Little Night Music
 • Being and Its Skin
ʥ Grandma’s Silence
 • The Ruler of the Mirror
 • The Silent Dreamer
 • Keep It Simple
 • Canyon Dreams