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About Edward Mycue

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Selected Poetry by Edward Mycue

“Ed Mycue's poetry is a lifetime of surprises. He was born
surprised, grew up on wonder, and now surely lives under
the ever crashing waterfalls of amazement. His language is
pure chirp, flip and rouse. It never ever sleeps. Savor his
lines — like memory — for as long as you dare”
                     — Hiram Larew, author of More Than Anything and Part Of | September 2009  


War / Peace
After Time Is Ripe It Is Banished
Blood Enemy
A Century Is a Skull Factory
White Noise
Tale of Outlaws in the Commons
Do I Need a New Story, Victoria


Life / Time / Memory
Cell Damage
Slap My Eyes
Valleys of Departure
The Great Wave
mood is
Knowledge of a Single Rose
We Remember Magnolia
Everything Is Bending
We Leave Nothing Behind


My Policeman
Because You’re Not Me
Come Up and Touch Me
Sometimes I think I’ll Never Learn Spelling
Driving and Passengering
Islands in Middle of Lives
I Am a Fact Not a Fiction