Scenes from My Life on Hemlock Street (photo of Arlene and Joey seated on running board of 1940s car)

Arlene and Joey,1947

About Arlene Mandell


A Brooklyn Memoir

by Arlene Mandell

“A writer does well if in his whole life
he can tell the story of one street.”
                     — Nelson Algren | December 2009  


The scenes in this e-chapbook are selected from a book in progress. They are coming-of-age stories that portray the vibrant and diverse life on one street in Brooklyn over fifty years ago.


The Scenes
Welcome to Hemlock Street
Block Party
Building the Ferris Wheel
Crossing Pitkin Avenue
The Kiss
Invisible Baby
Aunt Minnie's Second Wedding
Murder Inc.
A Real Italian Dinner
Sleeping with Nettie Sachs
Duke Snider Breaks Our Hearts
Cherries in the Snow
My Thirteenth Spring
No Room of My Own
Deeply in Love
Hangin' Out and Makin' Out
Resolutions Made and Broken