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 Red, White and Blue Pepsi Van
 I Think I’m in Love With Mary Jo
 The San Francisco Poetry Wars
 Angel With a Number
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In no way can it be assumed that any part of this is other than complete and utter fiction. I mean, people believing that poetry can honestly make a difference in their lives? Get serious! And an angel with a number? Whoever heard of such? Read my lips: this is a complete work of fiction, and that is all. And whoever heard of going to war over another Helen? Wasn’t once enough?

However, the author would like to express gratitude and appreciation for the part that Tony Petracca, Peter Koch, and Michael Todd Burns had in encouraging me to go forward with this story, even if parts of it were dangerously close to the truth.

No, seriously, it is complete and utter fiction. Totally! That being said, if you see even a hint of something that looks like the truth, report it immediately to the authorities of the Foul Language Movement of Poetry, or FLMP, sometimes pronounced “Flamp.” Just kidding! (Please don’t report it.)