The Venice of the West: Novel excerpts by Patrick Fanning  |  About the Author/Artist   Wordrunner eChapbooks Double Fiction Issue | March 2012  
  In this alternative history, Mark Twain and John Singer Sargent explore the Republic of Alta California and Sakrametska in Rossland.  
Part I: Alta California Part II: Sakrametska in Rossland
 I Meet Mark Twain
 I Meet John Sargent
 A Humorist, Not a Politician
 The Venice of the West
 The Fair Marina
 A Candide Character
 A Swan Among Geese
 So Much?
 Gibralter the Egg Mule
 An American Vandal Abroad
 Daisy and Oscar
 A Chance Encounter
 Goya’s Studio
 Holy Relics
 Boundary Values
 The Unholy Family
 Boom Town
 New Dog, Old Tricks
 Commission of a Lifetime
 A Minor Moon of a Minor Planet
  Alternative History Timeline Download pdf of chapbook HERE.