Translation of Light / Ruhama Veltfort

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Lost Child
Brooklyn, 1963
La Sirena
Susan, Number Four

Early Bird Sutra
Why the Boddhisattva Came
   to Battery Street: 7:55 AM

The Lightning-Struck Tower
The Well
Why Monks Are Fat
Meada in Two Worlds

Looking at the Vault
   of Heaven

Translations from the Spanish:
Song of the Lovers
Dark Night: Climbing
   Mount Carmel





Some of these doors have been closed for a very long time
Some of these locks appear to be rusted shut
Some of these boxes are sealed over their secrets
This mouth has maybe never been opened wide.

Feeling the wind, the open air
Watching the waves come in and seeing
Shells laid open like little books on the shore
Fishermen wait beside their poles
Women's voices rise: clear bells
Above the surf.
You feel the world shift again in its spinning dance
The rhythm of nights and of days: a time to open.

Open the closet doors and let the dust fly now,
Open the books, the letters, the boxes and drawers
Throw out the trash and let the jewels glow in the light —
Open your eyes: it's a good day for initiation.
The doors of the world are opening now to the beings
Your womb opened to release, years ago
And inside that locked chest is a live heart beating,
Gasping for blood!
You have a key that fits every rusted-shut lock
Your mouth can open wide as a cat's yawn
Every moment has an opening the whole universe can't fill
The sun and the earth, the wind and the moon are open to you —
You open, too.

   © Ruhama Veltfort, 2010