Catching the Send-Off Train: Melanie Faith

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  © Melanie Faith, 2013

Edgar to Pauline

You’ll be fine, you say. I’m here,
but I know it means before you are taken
back across train tracks, across seas, to the skies.
Before I can ask how you know,
before don’t leave me

again, there is pruning of roses,
there is sweeping I must do,
there is this every day without you to tend to.

I’m here, you say, turning my shoulders to face you.
Taking away the pruning shears, the broom.
You kneel, making that pocket of warmth
between my hand and yours, as if secure.
But that lifeline’s

a disappearance. A detonation. Smoke rings.
A clock alarm. I am again

awoken in dark tremors.

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